Not appreciated

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  1. neverdie

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    Not appreciated

    I don't want much, just a hug. Not even a kiss, just a hug. Why?

    I fixed her car, I got nothing

    I moved her mom into her new apartment, I got nothing

    I gave her mom a computer, I got nothing

    I took her to a movie and paid for everything, I got nothing

    I took her out for dinner, $65.00, I got nothing

    I cured her of her cutting herself, I got nothing

    I complement her all the time, I got nothing

    I send her emails, she hardly never responds

    She calls me her friend, yet she continues to use me for what ever she can get.

    Why do I still want to be around her u ask? She's the only one who will talk to me. I have no other friends.
  2. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    I can understand that, well I mean giving and giving and not even being appriciated. I've done it my whole, I try to help people and most of the time I don't get a thank you or a hug or anything. I don't expect them to buy me anything or anything else, but I can understand atleast wanting a thank you or hug. So many people will take advantage of others. I'm sorry she's being like that hun. If you'd ever like to talk, please feel free to message me on MSN or PM me. Take care, ok? :hug:
  3. Isa

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    Hey, I think this should be in let it all out, but irreguardless...

    Im sorry your friendship is being taken for granted, I hope you can make new friends here
  4. gentlelady

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    I am so sorry she has not shown you any gratitude for all you have done for her. Sometimes we just have to do things for the intrinsic value of doing them. Many times I end up doing things for people with no remuneration given in any way. A polite thank you would even be nice. But if I can no inside myself that I helped someone and it made their lif easier, then I guess that has to be enough of a reward for me. It is sad that people can take others for granted. I know it isn't the same, but here is a hug for being such a sweetheart. :hug:
  5. Blackness

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    Tell her how you feel! communicate!
    You say you wanted a hug or a kiss. You have to realise some people are the 'touchy feely' type you know. They dont like physical contact. Maybe she shows it in others ways. Like does she thank you and smile?, well she talks to you, maybe she just likes you as a friend. Dont throw it al away.
  6. neverdie

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    I did say I would like a hug for my good deeds, and she's always claimed she loves to give hugs, just not to me. I don't know why, maybe I'm just good enough to be used then thrown away. :sad:
  7. I too know what it's like. I do eveything for a certain person who shall remain nameless & don't even get thank yous. She is a complete ingrate, which has been going on for a long, long time. What's worse is she only expects more & more from me. Why do I stay when she makes me feel so badly? It's simple. I have no where else to go.
  8. neverdie

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    Same here, I keep telling myself she's not worth it, but she's the only one that will talk to me and who lives in this city. I keep hoping she'll come around, but she never does.