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Not Belonging because you werent born to be who you are

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Hi, I am feeling depressed from sexism. I am a metalhead and girl drummer. Everywhere I go people say "wow a girl drummer!" "girls dont belong in metal!" "wow a girl metalhead!". This heavy metal music is in my heart and people are labelling me and now I feel that I am not allowed to listen to it. I feel second class, as inferior from being a girl. I'm losing my meaning and the place I belong. I feel I do not belong simply because of my sex.


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That's retarded. Have these people ever heard of Opeth, Kittie, Wicked Wisdom, Lita Ford??? What the heck do these people know. Don't take them seriously. They're just talking out of their asses.


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I understand how you must feel. It's hard being "into" things that are not traditionally associated with your gender - but there have been lots of people who broke the 'gender barrier' in some way and had a lot of fallout to deal with... but they did it anyhow and many went on to become great successes in whatever business or profession they broke into, so keep your chin up.

And if anyone gives you any shit about it, just smile at them...:smile: they'll wonder what you're up to!:wink:

love and hugs... and ROCK ON!!!

Well I have more girl drummers in my band than boys and they are way better, too. Don't pay any attention to what they say. They only wish they could do what you can. Keep your head up and wow them. :)


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Don't let those creeps bring you down. I'm a girl drummer in a band too, but not metal. Yeah, some guys can be mean, but they're just in secure.

Don't stop what you're doing. I think it's wonderful! Rabbit
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