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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by ChristianC, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. ChristianC

    ChristianC New Member

    Hey there everyone,

    A couple of Months ago I made a stupid decision of going through un-locked cars during the night with 2 friends and we stole an $850 camera and a $300 GPS, we got caught and I've been going to court for it. Both of my 'friends' are choosing to deny all of it and say that they had no idea that this was going on and they are choosing to pin it all on me. HOWEVER the two of them were both drunk at the time and were driving when we were caught. They are both 17 years old and I'm 18, and me being the 'nice' person that I am, am probably going to be taking the blame for them. It's two 3rd degree Burglary and the Court is trying to be as nice as possible with me about it because they know that my two other friends were in fact involved. As long as I keep my record clean for a year (not even a traffic ticket), they will be sealing my record because of how honest and cooperative that I have been with the case. A bunch of this is stressing me out, they have been my best friends since 2nd Grade.

    That's not really all of it though, a week ago my girlfriend broke up with me because she is now a Senior and I just graduated, and she believes that she won't be able to have a great senior year if she's in a relationship with someone that is now out of High School. We were together since I was a Sophmore so it's kind of hurting me quite bad, we would be with each other EVERY day and now not even seeing her once a week is making me feel so alone. I work Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and making $12/hour right now, it's decent money and I'm usually able to not think about it as much as I'm working. I just want to see if anyone would be able to help me here with some advice or anything you think that I should try doing to help keep my mind off of everything.

    Thanks a bunch if so,
  2. selly

    selly Active Member

    try to think of something (healthy), ANYTHING, that make you feel better, or happy. if you don't find happiness in much anymore, think back to when you were younger. a band, a movie, a tv show, a book, going for a walk, playing an instrument, researching something that interests you, etc.

    you need to remind yourself that you are not a bad person and you deserve to feel good despite what other people's actions might convince you to think. spend your free time learning about what makes you feel happy and do it. it can be hard when your mind tells you it isn't worth it but it is because you are definitely worth happiness.
  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    All great advice, thanks for posting it selly!
    You are 18 now, considered an adult in many countries around the world. So you need to BE one now. This is the start to creating who you are and what others will see you as. Only you can do this for you.

    1st - get rid of the so called friends. Okay mistakes happen. Okay they have been your friends for a very long time. But quite obviously, something in the dynamics of the friendship has changed...for the worse. Maybe they are scared, but that doesn't give a friend the right to try and weasel out their responsibilities in a situation. It isn't right or advice I am giving...just saying...your friends are letting you take the blame, which comes with more severe consequences being an adult, rather than taking the blame for themselves and even you. Hope that made sense.

    2nd - The girlfriend, sounds a little bit like a diva. It appears she doesn't want to continue a relationship for nothing more than appearances. She won't have a great senior year? What about how your year is going to feel like because she can't handle a real relationship? Move on. Hold your head up high knowing that you are indeed much more mature than she. You DO deserve better than that in both a girlfriend and a relationship.

    You need to get out, explore the world as an adult now. Go places where you can meet new people. Start with a clean slate. Now is the time to make some real friendships and relationships. Now is the time to really enjoy the next step of being a human. Being an adult. But even then, walk softly and chose wisely.

    You deserve better in the people and the world around you. So make that happen, as only you can. Don't rely on others to define who you are. Be who you are. And yes, like selly said, it is hard when your mind is in a place that focuses on the bad rather than letting one see the good. But if you start letting yourself see the good before the negative clouds your vision for much longer, you'll see that you are a good person and that life has so much more to offer you than some friends that think more of themselves than you. Welcome to the real world hun...enjoy it!
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