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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by bestwishes, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. bestwishes

    bestwishes Member

    so i guess my family is fed up with me on how long ive been saying im suicidal and they are distressed that im still alive and still suicidal and its been so long. my little brother offered to get me a gun to get it over with. i said fine. (i cant get one ive been in psych). i wasnt going to use it. they are mad ive refused t eat and i am shrinking before their eyes and I REFUSE psych. all they can do is sit back and watch me die. the psych for me is a vicious cycle....wont help wont work im dead .....i feel bad things turned out this way but what can i do. shit happens. Its MY life, Im not being selfish, they are selfish for treating me like shit when im so deep in. maybe if they wouldnt have called the psych like assholes before we wouldnt be in this mess now would we. Im not saying sorry. im suffering and il be suffering everyday taht im alive thats a fact. not even 10000000 would make me want to live. have a nice day
  2. bestwishes

    bestwishes Member

    my fucking bitch of a sister started hitting me too i hope she burns in hell
  3. the_only_one

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    okay, just take a deep breath. you need to get out of that house, that enviornment is just horrible. how old are you. if your old enough move out. if not, do you have any close relitaves or friends you can stay with. they help alot.
  4. Lost4Now

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    I am in a similar situation in that my family doesnt get what I am going through or cant seem to help. I guess that ultimately happens to everyone here. I have had a recent physical problem which is causing me severe...I guess depression. My wife wants me to go to therapy to cope or whatever. Maybe I/we should go. I know...neither of us wants to go but maybe as a last resort.

    I dont have much advice being that all this is new to me.
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