Not depressed, just bored and fed up.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Frank Smith, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith Member

    Hey, I'm Frank and new to these forums. I just wonder how many people here are suicidal but not depressed. I find I am just bored with life, don't see a good future for myself and fed up with alot of stuff.

    I guess I may be seen as an idiot on these forums. I don't have any real deep issues like most people, but I have simply lost the will to live. Last year I attempted my first and only suicide attempt, though it was real ameture. I got a punch of random pills, some alcahole and nocked them all back and went to bad. I just ended up being really sick for a week with a seriously bad headache.

    Today I lost my job. More fustrating is in the manor in which it was done. Managers I did not even work with accused me of being too slow (Work in M&S) and when I confronted them about this during my exit interview (I found out I was being fired the day I was being fired) they were speechless.
    On top of this, I am leaving a girl who I really admire. I got a habit of getting overally attached to certain people, and it hurts me too much when I have to give up seeing them again.

    So now I am here, stressing with University, no job, no friends and no life. I am not depressed, just fed up, but at the same time already prepared to jump in front of the nearest fast train.
  2. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    depression comes in many forms and i would say that you are depressed.
    sorry to hear about your job, many people are going thru that right now, me included.
    have you spoken to your gp about this??

    and no, you dont seem an idiot.

    take care

    and welcome to the forum
  3. music_junkie

    music_junkie Well-Known Member

    Hi Frank, welcome! I understand compeltely where you're coming from - For once, I am thinking quite logically about suicide without the lens of the depression...

    ...I just can't manage to shake the urge.
  4. Smokey

    Smokey Member

    Hi Frank, I am new to SF too. You will find people here very kind, friendly and helpfull. You're in the right place.

    I can definately relate to how you feel. I don't feel depressed either. Every self assessment test or similar I have ever done comes out in the severe depression range, I have isolated myself completely from the world and I want to end it all. I just do not 'feel' I have 'depression'. Of cause I know how stupid this sounds but it doesn't make you, or me, an idiot in the slightest. I think maybe it is true that it IS different for all of us I guess and maybe I am comparing myself to whatever steriotypical view of a depressed person that I have in my mind? ... I dunno.

    I am making an appointment to see my GP over the next few days (when I can force myself to) for the first time. Maybe you should do the same?
  5. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Any issue you have is important and if it brings you here than members will try to help you through it. You may not be "depressed" but you are dealing with feelings and thoughts that have you considering giving up on your life. You are under a lot of pressure and stress right now and it can make anyone depressed. Keep posting and venting and anything else you need to do to help you get past all that. SF is a supportive and caring community and I think you'll see your are not alone and others here will try their best to help you along. Good luck.
  6. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Hi Frank. People come to SF for a wide variety of reasons. Some people are depressed and suicidal, while others might be just suicidal for other reasons. It seems like you're just fed up with life at the moment. That happens to everyone at some point in their life. You just have to roll with the punches and move on. :hug:
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