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  1. mlxjaded

    mlxjaded Well-Known Member

    I was actually having a pretty good week until Saturday.
    I went to work and 2 co-workers (who are also now best friends with each other) came into work in a really bad mood with attitudes at everyone. We will call them A and B.
    Our boss wasn't there so I knew this was going to last all day.

    I work at a pharmacy and we package and delivery meds to these clinic/hospital places and I was the one putting all the meds together. Usually my co-worker, A, does this job but she came in late.

    So A and B come in together, both a half hour late, and start yelling at me because I was doing A's job.

    They said things like: "You should know your place." "Seniority rules." and other things I don't even want to say.
    At first, I let it slide because I could tell they were in a bad mood but as the day passed it really got to me. I started arguing back and it was horrible.

    I am seriously considering quitting.
    I hate this. :sad:

    I just want to sleep and never wake up.

    I hope this post makes sense because I am kind of just rambling.


    Just want to add some more...

    The next time I'm scheduled to work is Wednesday.
    I'm only 16. I don't need a job. I don't have a mortgage, a family to feed, or anything like that..I don't need a job.
    Just talk to me, please.
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  2. spaceman

    spaceman Member

    it sounds like just a shitty work day
    which your possibly over-reacting to the severity of what your co workers said

    if your not comfortable in your job tho, maybe begin looking through craigslist or something similar to find a new job
    you don't need the job finacially maybe, but it's always been best for me to try to keep as busy as i can. if your going to school and working part time, your mind has a lot less time to think bad things - it's always occupied.

    this is how i got through HS - but then i was only working full time, no college, then working part time, now have not worked in over a year and a half...

    try to keep the positive in mind that you DO have the job for the time being, there will ALWAYS be shitty co workers especially at entry level position jobs...
    i'd give my left arm to be able to work the job you described and i'm a few months from my 21st birthday, that's not exactly a great feeling to admit but it's true...

    hopefully it was just a particularly shitty day. i've always felt better overall, less depressed and better about myself in general self confidence when i was working / going to school full time. there is a sense of pride you take away from even part time minimum wage work - i wouldn't be too quick to give that up. all that proves is that these two "a and b" girls have control over your life.

    i'm not so great with dealing with negative relationships so i think i'll not give any advice as far as how to deal with your co workers - maybe someone else better socially suited can :)

    but i think it's definitely in your best interest to continue working. do not let others defeat you over so little.
  3. mlxjaded

    mlxjaded Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. I know I'm overreacting but it's only because they were overreacting in the first place. I just can't be around people like that.

    I guess I will just see how Wednesday goes. If they act like it never happened, I will too. But if they keep bringing it up, I'm out.
  4. spaceman

    spaceman Member

    they were mostly just upset that you were doing their job, because they were late?
    it seems like there is more going on here than is being explained? or am i thinking too hard
    they were upset you were on time, started "their" work (the items they usually do) and gave you shit for it re: seniority?

    again i hope someone finds their way into this thread with better social skills than myself, because i think if this is more or less what went down, you should be able to a) talk to them, explain your side and move on, co workers are always going to be a problem but things are usually patch up nicely (and NOTHING sexist when i say this - but ^most^ high school girls are the worst creatures to walk the earth. unconsciously sadistic hormone roller coaster rides of ugly...) or b) ignore them, but not in a way which will draw more negativity from them.

    best of luck - again i think it's important to keep a part time job through HS assuming your not falling behind in school. you will someday really, really appreciate the money you were able to make back then.

    stay safe
  5. mlxjaded

    mlxjaded Well-Known Member

    Well, there is more going on but it's just too much to type. This isn't like other jobs. "Their" work isn't "their" work.
    Yes, we have certain people to do certain things but as long as it gets done it doesn't matter. And days when she isn't working I do that job anyway.

    I don't know.
    My week was going by so good so this little thing felt like a ton of bricks for me.
    These girls:
    They are both around 22, bleach-blond hair, and live off drama. They are always on there cell phones texting in front of customers and it's embarrassing for me when I actually take my job seriously. Like I said, there is a lot more too it that I can't type but my boss can't fire them for doing things like this.

    Is it too late for me to delete this thread? I am not realizing how ridiculous this is.
  6. spaceman

    spaceman Member

    i know the subject type all too well...these are the ugly creatures i referenced above :)
    i've worked way back when a similar job - your group/coworkers had a set amount of work to finish, and how you went about distributing workloads etc was up to you. in my case, no one left until everyone left - all work ends at the same time.

    i wouldn't feel bad about needing to delete this thread - i've realized a LOT of folks here lurk and don't post, and there is always something to pick up from any thread for a person in a similar situation.
    sometimes all it takes is a little emotional release & response to see things in a clearer light - which i think you are somewhat at that point with this situation.

    keep on truckin, work, school, work etc
    in the mean time, perhaps begin looking at craigslist job postings for your area - unfortunately (don't know state by state laws) at 16 it can be pretty difficult to find work.
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