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    • I am hoping what I say will be okay for the forum, if not please delete. I have been seriously regretting every attempt, not doing it properly. And now there has been something else happen which makes me feel like I have to. It is also a. Do it now or keep suffering and regretting. Meaning if I don't do it and take my one and only chance now. I will regret it and keep wishing, and miserable. Because I'm in school we only get to go home twice a term, with a long weekend, which starts tonight, I have started heavily drinking. Just rum and am currently pretty bad, I have been taking so many risks lately with a only one shot at life sort of crap I have so many things I wanted to do before I end it. So many things to finish off, leave a good memory of me for someone ect. And of course. Keep drinking. Which I have spent the last week paying more than it costs just for someone to get it, I was giving away possessions to people who deserved them. I just want more time, but if I don't do it, I will be so miserable and constantly thinking about those final moments, every moment of the day. I was hoping the alcohol would encourage me to go through, again, and put me in a situation of no return. Sorry if I have violated rules but just can't think
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    Iam sorry that you are self medicating on alcohol You do need more time here to find your way out of the darkness and it can be done with help
    first thing is to get support to get off the booze ok talk to a councilor at your school who can help you find that support and also get you some support for your depression reach out ok the help is there you don't have to fight it alone