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    I'm not even angry. Not even mad. I just give up.

    My stepdad has kicked me out because I have a lip piercing. Not because of the other 18 piercings I have but because of 1.
    I'm 21 years old. I'm an adult and I can't even do anything to my own body without his permission.
    Oh my god I just don't care anymore.

    I'm pretty much sure that I'm better off without my family.
    I'll miss my cats the most.
    Not even welcome in the house. My mother, brother and sister aren't saying a word. Because they aren't allowed to disagree.

    Friends can't help. I need to pay for my wisdom teeth to come out but looks like that can't happen anymore now that I'm homeless.

    There's literally nothing I can do. I don't get even half the money I would need to live and support myself on my own.
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    Beka, you need to get yourself down to citizens advice and talk to them - get them to help you with claiming whatever money/help you can get. Do you have a job? If not - that would be a really good step (though you may have to give up some of your 19 piercings to be honest - sorry to say that that is simply part of growing up. My office, for example, only allows visible piercings in the ears).

    Get on Easy Room Mate and start answering some ads - you should be able to find a room in a shared house to rent for around £400 per month including bills (would be cheaper if you lived elsewhere - and the world is your oyster now so consider where you do actually want to live). Even minimum wage full time would take home over double that - but if you don't have a job, make sure you go to citizens advice and find out what the local housing allowance is etc.

    The fact is, unfortunately, at 21 it is completely reasonable for your step dad to not have to support you/provide accommodation. It's unfortunate and I am sorry it has happened to you without warning to find somewhere else and sort yourself out.

    On the bright side, if you don't have a job, you don't have to pay for your wisdom teeth out - that is an NHS procedure and is free if you don't have a job. If you do have a job, you will be able to find accommodation you can afford in a shared house with plenty left over, and since tooth extraction is a level 2 NHS dental procedure, if you are not entitled to free care it will only cost about £50. If you are not on an NHS dentist's list - get to the hospital and they will refer you to the emergency NHS dentist in your area.

    Hope you get everything sorted and that you see once the shock has worn off that the situation isn't as dire as you thought :hug:
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    Could not echo Freya's words any more.
  4. Beka

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    I do have a job, 40 hours plus a week which helps me out a lot. It's a secure job and they don't mind my piercings so that area is covered for now. I'm aware that that might change. But unfortunately that also means that yes, I do need to pay to have my wisdom teeth out. I can't have them under general anesthetic so I don't know how much it's going to cost me.

    I know I'll be able to sort something out, thanks Freyja.
  5. Butterfly

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    It's £50 to have them out.