not every one will........


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Not everyone will like your posts.
Not everyone will like you.
Not everyone will be kind or forgiving to you.
Not everyone will understand you.
Not everyone will share your belief's. Hey, that is absolutely okay. Because.......

Many more people will love you. Many more people will support you. Many more people will enjoy what you post. Many more people will be kind and forgiving. It can be so very easy to react to that small group of people who will never like or support you. You will see the right people and your tribe, they are the ones that may not like your posts or even comment, they are messaging you, they are texting you, they are emailing you, they are ringing you and they are coming to see you. Look out for those people, maybe thank them and send them love as that is what I do.


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Thanks for that advice, Jay. It's a great guide to spot the genuine people and a timely reminder on how to show them gratitude and maintain the relationship, be it friendship or romantic.

Also helps you to realise that anyone who is nasty to you, certainly doesn't have the full backing of everyone else, either; there will certainly be people against them in some way. They are not as powerful as you believe in the moment they are being cruel. I guess it's like a chain, in that sense.

Thanks again. I love your posts.


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Nice post. I find that as I get older, I've grown to appreciate the smaller things in life. Life isn't necessarily about huge victories or tremendous feats of strength but the small blessings we encounter along the way. Although it may not seem like it at the time, it all adds up.

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