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I joined SF a little over a year ago during an incredibly low point in my life. I used to be active, posting every day, even talking to other members via PM or instant messaging. I can't recall when or why, but I eventually stopped logging on here and lost contact with all but one person I met in my short stay (she's honestly the only reason I haven't hurt myself or worse yet). Basically, here I am again, one year later. I thought perhaps I would be better by now, but it feels as though I haven't made any progress on getting well at all. I hurt inside just as much as before, maybe even a little more. Not sure where to turn, I remembered this site and decided to come back.

Hope I can find what I did when I first joined. Maybe even contact the few people I talked with again if they still remember me.

Also, this message took me so long to write, and it doesn't even begin to convey the words my heart wants to scream right now.. in time hopefully I'll be able to say everything on my mind.
Hi Maximus. I'm sorry things didn't get better. I hope you find what you're looking for here. I'm not someone you knew from before, but I'm here to talk if you want


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Welcome back Maximus.. I hope your old friends step forward and reconnct with you.. If not there are plenty of new ones to meet..
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