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not exactly suicidal, but...

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Please help, what do I do? I have no where else I can go, my roommates [married] are having what seems like a no holds bar fight right now and are threatening divorce. I'm caught in the middle as "neutral territory" but neither of them want to hear advice, they just want to fight, but keep saying they want peace in the house. It's a long story why they fight in the first place... She seems ok if not completely pissed and upset and considering the divorce, but he says that he had to turn around and come home because he didn't want to end up running his car into a tree just to end it all. I'm concerned for both of them, and i don't wnat to sound selfish but i'm scared for my situation too.. like i said i have no other home i can turn to and i'm scared that if i side with either one, the other will be pissed and not want to have anything to do with me. i tried to help but just wound up in panic attack of my own and i just want to get the hell out of their way, maybe that would help if i wasn't here, if they had one less bothe rto deal with.. i'm useless anyway, why the fuck am i just taking up space on their food bill???? maybe if i did them the favor of just ending my worthless life theirs could improve.. that would be worth it, rigth?????
if you are in a really bad place go to the ER
they will look after you until you start to feel better

if it's not quite as bad as that, find a quiet place and call a hotline...
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