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Not good at making a living.


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There's a saying from the 'Martin Fierro' that states: "Even the thinniest stick makes its shadow on earth." My mother used to add: "You're not even a stick." She was right...


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If a persons value is all about the wealth he has..then I don't want to be a part of the community at all.. A person has values because he has potentials. He has things to create. Think about a spider and a man that builds a house. Marx says this man has more values than spider. Because spider cannot change its way. But builder man, in his minds, has lots of potentials that can change the house, can make it greater or can spoil it. That makes him bigger. But it doesn't matter if he does anything now. He has potentials. He has future. So do you. Mothers go cruel all lot when it comes to their children's lives. She just DOESNT KNOW WHAT SHE SAYS. Yes she is just ignorant. About life.
You value more than people think. Because of the potential....


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I don't think wealth has anything to do with money. It's what's on the inside that counts. I can find a lot of good things at thrift stores and the only thing I buy now are books and movies. There's not much else to buy. Sometimes I will send in ideas for inventions or ideas for stories and I give them away and tell other people to keep them. I don't really care about the money I just want the respect from people who are around me. I mean my surgeries cost more money than I will ever make, or how much anyone else will make that I know in real life, so why would I care about it? I mean you can pretty much get anything for cheap nowadays since we have amazon and stuff like that. I bought a computer on there once.


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You're not a stick! You're a person! You're valuable and loved and cared for and present. Don't let dumb crap like THAT stick in your brain. Listen to us instead :) We're smart.

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