Not looking forward to today

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  1. sadhart

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    Well I don't really look forward to most days but especially today. i live with my aunt, and my mother is coming to visit today. I resent my mother and more so because for the last several months, she has done some things that has emotionally wounded me, but she doesn't realize nor care. Every time there is an issue between us, she never takes responsibility for her wrongs and i end up taking the blame for everything. Last month she pulled a stunt that has made me so mad that I am nearly done with her and pretty much this entire one sided and hypocritical family. I'm gonna try to keep my focus and distance myself, but I am not happy about this. I got enough stress as it is.

    Sorry for whining about something that may sound trivial to most.
  2. Waine

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    Just let it go in one ear and out the other. I know she is your mother but you are your own person and that has to come first all the time. Trust me, nothing is more important than you. If need be go for a walk or get some food. When I'm down I go McDonalds and pig out :) that makes me feel a whole lot better.
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    Yeah, I know. I can't really go out shopping, but I'm going to get out of here and go to the park if she starts giving me crap. I know i'm going to sound bad when i say this, but last summer she tried to have me involuntarily committed. I wasn't suicidal and her actions were totally selfish. What happened was i ended up wasting hours in the emergency room mostly waiting to talk to someone and when they saw I was not a danger, they discharged me. My "caring" mother refused to pick me up and told everyone else not to pick me up. I ended up walking over 12 miles home in the dark. She wasn't concerned about my well being...this was about her being in control and having her way.