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Not much use out of it.

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The biggest loser ever to live.
I know a lot of people have found refuge and lots of help on this forum and I'm nothing but really happy for them. But I've been here for so long and really haven't gotten any help, maybe just sometimes a quick dose of my depression going away and thats it.

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm partly to blame, I don't quite feel like getting help since I feel so hopeless about my future and my life, I dunno, you all will say that there is hope for me, hope for everyone, I hope thats true.

I wish there was a way to completely tell you guys why I think about killing myself and why I am such a loser and inferior to everyone. I keep repeatng the same crap over and over again and don't get much out of it, I'm like a broken record.


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NK, try writing it out before posting it, that will give you time to think about exactly what u want to say and what help/support we could give.

I find writing often gives me insights into what I'm really thinking and it's also a great release to get it all out.


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When I first came on this forum I posted a question that was really important to me and only 1 person responded and I felt really disheartened, and I felt nobody cared and it was pointless me being here. But then as I read the forum I realised that a lot of people felt the same way as me, and the responses they got meant a lot me. In fact even though I only get a couple of responses to the stuff I post, the things that people say are really meaningful and helpful. So thank you all.

This sounds really strange but when I first came on I felt we were all isolated individuals but as you read stuff you realise we are all connected in a way... what helps one person helps many, what saddens one person saddens many. What brings hope to one person brings hope to many. For example I really hate myself as a person and if I start a thread that says "I hate myself" then I may not get any responses and I think it's all a waste of time, but when I read someone elses post and they say "I hate myself because of this..." then I think no, you shouldn't that's wrong cos I can tell you're a good person... but then I realise I hate myself for the same reasons and it makes me think about stuff.

You've come here looking for help, and lots of people on this board probably can help. but I can't help you cos I'm pretty confused and talk a lot of nonsense, but somebody else there probably feels the same way as me and that connects us and that connection is so important - though it's hard to explain why, and... oh I don't know what I even want to say now so I guess it's time to stop.


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I think you can use this forum as a form of emotional support, from people stuggling through a similiar experience. Ive found strength in some of the things people have said here.

But in terms of "satisfaction" and genuine "help" in solving problems, it really is up to you as the individual to work through your own issues...there are limitations to what a forum like this can achieve.

Honestly, in the end its all up to you to want to change, and practically go about doing that...Its incredibly hard I know, but thats the only way of making true progress.
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