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Not my fault this time

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I don't feel safe, but this time it is not my fault
Yesterday it was 10 pm and dark as holy hell, and I went to the lacrosse locker room to change after a game, and a man was in there. He ran out but he was there. A man was in the girl's locker room, the one place I felt completely safe. And a man was in there. So all of today and last night I haven't been able to make myself go into a room alone....
He ruined my one safe haven, and he did it so easily too...
I have 3 daughter's and I fear for their safety everyday. There are way too many predators out there. I will say this for you at least you noticed him. So what about the simplest thing as a coaches whistle around your neck. As soon as you see something such as this you blow it until they run. Predators don' t want to be seen or caught. I teach my girls to listen to their first instinct if it doesn' seem right it usually isn't. I would just tell you to keep being aware and know that you aren't helpless. Maybe take some self defense classes to give you that extra confidence that you might need to help deal with it emotionally.
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