not necessarily anorexic.. or bulemic...

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by xxx myaku, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. xxx myaku

    xxx myaku Member

    i know i'm not fat... but i just don't feel skinny
    my boyfriend
    is the tiniest thing to walk the planet
    88 pounds at age 14
    i feel
    when i'm around him
    i wish i could weigh less
    i mean
    i'm 100
    sdkaj; eiowjefas fjcksldj
    i won't eat around him
    and eat nothing before i get home from school
    and and
    i just wish i was skinnier D;
  2. savetoniqht

    savetoniqht Well-Known Member

    :eek:hmy: wow your boyfriend is tiny, but so are you.
    you really shouldn't be worrying about it, you're obviously not huge at all.
    Make sure you pay attention to what you're eating and be careful.
    Seriously, it's so much easier to get into a bad habit than to get out.
    Please be careful, you have nothign to worry about. :hug:
  3. Light_In_The_Dark

    Light_In_The_Dark Well-Known Member

    There is no need to do it. You dont have to adjust yourself to him (Ill say that many times in future). But if you want to talk with him, dont tell him directly, ask him what does he think!
  4. Passion

    Passion Well-Known Member

    god i wish i was only 100.
  5. Passion

    Passion Well-Known Member

    how tall are you? how tall is he?
    but i know how you feel about dating skinny boys,
    I wouldnt ever sit on my ex bfs lap cause i thought i would break him. haha.
    i dont know exactly how much he weighed, but he is like a stick figure... it made me feel so fat... i was a size 3 when i was dating him i a size 0 now..
  6. Tweaks

    Tweaks Member

    im skinny my weight is 54 Kilo's.
    I can eat so much i want but i don't get fat..i tryed do with junkfood and stuff healthy food and i just poop it out.
    im not that tall tho im 5.2Feet (i think)
  7. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    How does he feel about you? Does he even care how much you weigh? If he doesn't then maybe he'll make you feel better about yourself. He is tiny but then again, he is only 14 and his body is still developing. Does he have an eating disorder?
  8. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    Seriously you're 100 lbs. Seriously?! and you think you need to lose weight. Maybe add another 100 lbs. onto that then we'll talk. K? :)
  9. Flight

    Flight Well-Known Member

    I wonder if he wishes he were bigger. He might feel insecure about being so small. I know I am insecure about being so skinny. 6'0", yet only 135 lbs on a good day. Ew.

    Since he's only 14 though, he'll grow. If you are only around 14 as well, you are probably mostly done your growth spurt, whereas he might just be starting his. So... maybe in time...
  10. Happynow

    Happynow Member

    I personally think everyone is missing the point...which happened when I was in therapy. It is not how much you weigh or how you look. The anorexic has a very distorted do not see yourself the way others do. I weighed 98 lbs. and looked very sick...but when I looked in the mirror, I saw myself as fat. Most people can not understand it. Your friend can tell you "Oh my gosh, you only weigh 100 can not be fat", but that feeds an anorexic to lose more weight and watch more what they eat because weight was referred to..I must be overweight is what they think. I was anorexic/bulimic. It is an ugly situation. You can tell someone that at 78 pounds that they look great or too skinny and they won't believe what you will give them ammunition to get skinnier, because you referred to weight. DO NOT refer to weight to an feeds them to try harder. The anorexic has to do some VERY hard work...usually with a professional. I do not know what the deal is, but it takes a pro to get through. Karen Carpenter saved my life. I did not want to be like her. If you are too young to know who she was, google "The Carpenters". She died from complications of anorexia.

    I am very tired tonight, but wanted to post. Hope it helps.
  11. Flight

    Flight Well-Known Member

    You're right, Happynow, I defer to you.

    Not being anorexic myself, and never being close with anyone who is, I can't possibly empathise with the situation. And sympathy is meaningless, possibly even hurtful.

    Thank you for the insight though. It does help gain some perspective.
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