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I am far from normal.

I am pretty stable at the moment. But I know a downer will be along soon. Possibly an upper but being as though only get a couple of those a year it's unlikely. I would rather have the upper but no such luck.

I have started making plans for July. Although I am not down at the moment I can't take much more of the ups and downs, not knowing what is coming next. I don't want to be a zombie on medication. I am not even sure what medication does for me.

I have also come to the realisation that I don't want to stop with the self harm. I don't see my current methods as serious (I wrote more about that in my blog). I can't see the point in stopping. It's something I want to do, it's something that makes me feel good. I have scars. What are a few more? And, I don't cut that often. The last time was Jan. But it's other methods. And that is every day. But, those aren't a problem.

So, I have pretty much decided end of July. What is the point in going on with counselling etc now.


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ive gone through downs most of the time, i understand the mood swings your not alone, i also self harm, i burn myself with ciggarettes
do you mind if i ask whats troubleing you?


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Just to let you know I was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing...glad you are stable now...hope you feelings that a downward spiral is on the way does not come to fruition, and that you continue working and seeing how much you can accomplish there...J
i responded with more detail on yr blog. just wanted to acknowledge that i read your post here, too. i take your self-harm seriously. don't stop seeing sam. i know you are thinking "what's the point" but it IS possible to have a life without self harm. one day you won't need to hurt yourself anymore. i respect that that day is not here for you yet. but don't give up.
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