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    I swear up and down I am not a killer, or could I ever imagine killing someone, not before today at least. After today, after what was said and done, can see myself killing. Only for the benefit of others. I would get no joy out of killing him, but would have the satisfaction of knowing I am protecting the two people Ive spent my life as I remember it protecting. Just because we dont live together, or rarely speak, or even dont see eye to eye hardly ever anymore, I would still protect them. He thinks he can threaten their safety and get away with it, well he is wrong, he is dead wrong! I will protect them at al costs and will stop at nothing to insure their safety!
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    It is a huge responsibility you have taken on for these past years to protect the ones you love and hold so dear. But please hun, protect yourself too. Do what you need to get past the things that torment your life right now. Protect yourself too sweetie. No you arent a killer hun, just someone who loves deeply.