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  1. Nekosuki

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    I just don't get it! Because I'm worried about someone other than this friend I must be in the wrong.... yes my mood is low, yes I was directed to this site by that friend to get help from others who struggle with mental health issues because telling me not to be silly didn't stop the tears. and now because it's helping I must be ignoring them because I've found someone who "understands me better" wtf?! Passive aggressive insults are still insulting!!
  2. morning rush

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    sounds like they are jealous and missing you...I hate passive aggressive, because when they are called on what they said, they rely on the double meaning of their damn comment to escape responsibility for what they said...

    sorry you're angry...I know what you mean, it's quite frustrating, at least you can vent it here :) so vent away
  3. Nekosuki

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    Exactly morning rush! They already call me crazy and turn anything like this back on me, tell me I'm being overly sensitive... I just don't get it
  4. MikeTRobot

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    Sounds like your friend is just upset that they couldn't help you, but that's no reason to lash out at you. She did get you here so you know she wants to help, I'm sure shell realize she's being unreasonable
  5. morning rush

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    the day they will own up to what they say will be the day to ask them what is going on because hell must've frozen over :)

    I wish there were something that you could say that would make them understand but...idk...I usually just give up and ignore them...because I'm too old to start fighting...I used to all the time but now, I just see them less and focus more on myself...I guess everyone has flaws and that's one of them...doesn't make them bad...I think in their own way they mean well...they think that by saying something it will make you get off your butt and do stuff when it does the opposite...