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Hi there.
I'm new, as you might have guessed. & I found this site on Google, when I searched for "suicide help forum".

I've suffered depression and social anxiety for years, but have refused any medication for either.

At the end of last year, I thought I was basically a-okay, or on my way to recovery. But a few months ago, my councilor dude changed jobs and he was the last person I could talk to. Since then, I've slowly reverted to my previously depressed self.

My reasons for feeling suicidal aren't important to anyone but me and I don't feel like I should even be here, asking for help.

But just some words of comfort or love or support or understanding, or even advice on where I should post (eheh), would be awesome right about now. And then I'll be out of your forum.


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Hi hun it is good to see you reaching out for support here
You say your councillor is gone hun time to see a new councillor okay find someone to talk to it helps
You can talk here hun under the forum there are many heading just post okay if it is in wrong place someone will move it hugs to you:hugtackles::hugtackles:
Hello,I understand how you feel. I can't do social situations,parties,weddings,public toilets fill me with dread. As a consequence I've withdrawn from the world,I have no friends therefore I don't have anything to dread but obviously I pay the price of total crushing loneliness but enough about me. Just wanted you to know that Im here if you ever wanna chat. Mark


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Hi Shar and welcome...why "be out of our forum"? we are here to provide support and caring, as many of us truly know the pain you feel...loosing your therapist is a great loss, a death, as such, and it is understandable you feel that first therapist, a wise man who saved my life (I know I should say I saved my life; but he truly did) died of a heart attack after 16 yrs of treatment...I was so lost; a plane without a pilot...I am sure that he would not want you to hurt yourself...I also came to find out, that I could share my story with someone else, and found another very wise therapist who also saved my life (I guess I am like a cat with many lives)...please stay, and when you feel comfortable, tell us how you are doing...welcome again, with caring, J


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I know it's been a long time and I am reviving a very old, long lost board.
But I received an email from this site, wishing me happy birthday and its simplicity touched me, so I thought it was only fair to update this.

I remember reading these few messages of kindness from total strangers and taking strength from them. They helped me a great deal.
A lot of stuff has happened since then; a lot of ups and downs. But in the end, I am stronger. I have a healthy balance of optimism and cynicism to get me through.
& Despite the challenges I face every day, I am happy and continue to strive for change!

Thank you so much, Suicide Forums, for being my last line of defense against myself. A few kind words saved my life.


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hey there
welcome to the forum :)
You are not alone wee feel like this from the time to time. there's nothing we haven't heard.
hugs to you stay strong out there.
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