Not so much of a scream of disdain....

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    ... but more one of frustration.

    So far, in 2 instances now, I have helped encourage someone towards living. One of these was done over 5 years ago and not via the site. The other started through the site and is primarily due to the ways in which me and the two people have interacted. But I tend to keep this hidden away, because I don’t like to ‘blow my own trumpet’ if things go well.

    The first one, wanted so desperately to be a mum, and is now well on the way to conceiving her second child. The best of luck to her, and although the two of us speak very little at the moment, it does not mean that we do not care and remember what happened for her life to turn around. And she would have fitted in fairly comfortably at the time with the differing aspects of this site.

    The second one, has so far gone from being on the verge of attempting, to having more of a reason to continue living, and this has not been without challenges. But each time a new obstacle arises, there’s communication between me and them and we find a way to get past it. None more so than recent events where after a bad day, an hour talking to me cheered them up.

    I’m not asking for a medal. I'm not asking to be 'celebrated' for this either. I'm just giving a couple of positive experiences a bit of an airing, considering a couple of things I have read or been told lately, both via the forum and in real life, have shaken me up a fair bit.
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    Seems like you feel you need a boost. To remind yourself that you're worth something. You are. Well done.