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not such a good life afterall

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i got over my depression not long ago, but recently at my new job
i feel really down. its only me, my boss and another guy at my work.
the boss and the other guy have been friends for a long time.
i was getting along with the boss well, but recently hes been putting
me down and making everything i do mean nothing. he looks at me like im
a idiot all the time and doesnt talk to me anymore. i feel so alone at work, i got no one to talk to anymore. i was so strong and this guy has made me feel like nothing again. i just wona leave this planet, 4 years of an apprentice
for what... im just gonna die anyway. im starting to have lunch at the back of the work shop by my self. this are so grey.

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Can you not talk to someone about him hun or even make a meeting with him and tell him how you are feeling Try not to isolate okay talk with the other guy there Boss has no right to belittle you ask him to stop it okay You are doing your best and that is all one can do hun Hang in there okay hugs


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I find that it's good to be able to shut off my emotions some times. And realize that some people are like that and it has nothing to do with you. I have had a few annoying people at work and what I trie to do is to treat the situation like a robot. Just looking at it objectively.

It's obvious that these people have issues on their own, and they take it out on people who work under them. You know that you are not useless. If you are new at the job it's not strange to make mistakes, we all make tehm when we're new at something. Not all bosses are the good understanding type though. I would advice you to stick it out for a whle, if you are new there is a good possebility that things will get better once you're "rookie-mistakes" gets fewer and you mesh in better at the place.
Definitly don't withdraw like you are doing though. That is not good at all, allthough it's probably the most natural reaction. Talk to the other worker, talk to your boss, maybe he isn't all bad, maybe he just had a stressful time and took it out on you?
And DEFINITLY don't think that your life is useless because of this. If it really keeps being a big stress in your life and doesn't get better, then ,aybe you have to look around for something else.
Hope things get better soon.


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Hi kyle,

Don’t let anyone make you feel like nothing as you know that is not true. I used to be very sensitive, too. Now I just feel I am as I am, no matter what others think or say or not say. It doesn’t even matter what I do or not do…

He is still paying you. That itself proves that you are not nothing. It sounds like a small business. Maybe he has his own issues such as financial stress due to the economy or something…

If it really doesn’t feel good there, maybe it’s not too difficult to get a new job with your experiences now? Do you still think about joining the army? Just to mention this to remind you that there may be other options…

Like you said in your poem, we create our own world. We have the power to disallow others to hurt us or darken our world…

Wish you well…and hugs :hug:


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thankyou everyone for your feedback, your right.
ill do my best to shut him off, if i dont end up shuting him up.
thankyou all.
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