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Not sure if I am suicidal or not

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I have been feeling really down the past few weeks and have thought of suicide. I am able to fight through the temptation by focusing on my family. I have tried to figure out why I feel the way I do but nothing seems to be a trigger. The Holidays were easy compared to the feeling down. I feel like I am getting closer to attempting suicide again but I do not want to. I am afraid that I will lose control and do what I really do not want to. My therapist I will see on 01/10/07 hopefully I can make it that long. I do not want to disapoint my family by killing myself or by going to the hospital again. I know in my heart the hospital will be the better choice but I can not leave my kids at this time. sorry this goes all over the place, just needed to put things down before I expload. I will take each day one at a time and pray that I have the strenght to fight this. I think I am Bipolar because this has happened in cycles since April this past year and thinking back has happened a bunch of times growing up.


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Dear Pitt Bull I'm Bi polar and know how difficult it is,I do suggest if you feel that going to hospital is really going to help you please do this because you don't deserve to suffer like this.Try your best to take moment's as they come write everything down that upsets and brings you down,when you're down or you begin to feel down try to think of thing's that may inspire you I know this won't be an instant fix to making you feel better but it's only that you can try.
Make a promise even though it's easier said than done to try to do your best to relax and take it easy,try to restrict yourself as much as you can to get involved with thing's that will bring you down.Remember I know thing's are easier said than done but you can only do your best and I'm sure you're doing that.Try this even though it may sound silly put an elastic rubber band around your wrist when you feel you're getting down or are having a thought that's annoying or depressing flick the band a little hard.
It's a know technique no sure fix of course but one you can try and I'm always here to talk so please I hope you can open up to me.


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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time, Pitt. If you think that you may be bipolar, the hospital may be a good place for you to go. Not only is it a place to keep you safe, but they can also make a diagnosis and start medication.

Please try to stay safe. We're all here for you at SF. And as you can tell from my name, I'm bipolar too. :rolleyes: I know a lot about the disorder. Did a lot of research when I was first diagnosed all those years ago.

If you're wanting more info on bipolar, you can check out the thread about it. There's symptom information at the bottom.

PM me if you ever want to talk. I'm here for you. :hug:
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