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Not sure if its good or bad.

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These pills are making my depression/hypomania cycle wierd. Itll be like depressed one day, then normal the next, hypomanic, depressed, normal, normal, mixed.

Its better than weeks on end i suppose but its like i still wake up not knowing how i'm gonna feel.


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Ive no idea what meds they are but that definately doesnt sound right. It sounds like rapid cycling to me i hope its not venylfaxine because i know people with bipolar that have had that and its made their self harm much worse and caused rapid cycling.

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Hun it is important then to tell the doctor okay these pills may not be the right ones to use rapid cycling is the bits it is please call your doc okay leave a msg even and tell doc you are rapid cycling and you did not have that before. You be you best advocate okay hugs
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