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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Theowin, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Theowin

    Theowin Active Member

    I thought getting into college would solve everything. I thought all my depression and suicidal feelings would go away. It did, for thirty minutes. I can't take these feelings anymore and there's only one thing that relieves this oppression. Funny thing though, my therapist doesn't want to see me again. She didn't ask me to schedule another appointment. In my oppinion, I'm only getting worse.

    I cut at school. During classes, right in plain sight of teachers, just because I can. They never notice, no one ever does. I don't really want them to I just don't feel like their observation should stop me from coping with my feelings.

    I want to cut but I'm sick of aimless lines, empty words, freaky pictures. I want to do something bigger. suggest don't b shy.

    I've heard a lot of kids do commit suicide in college, kind of hoping that will happen to me.

    I feel sick all the time.
  2. SkyW

    SkyW Well-Known Member

    Life can be a dick, dude... I'm sorry to hear all this is happening to you...
    It must be such an awful feeling... Everybody is so different, so what you are going through cant be compared to anyone else's experience.
    I know you've probably gotten the whole 'it gets better' thing.... And it's true that it does... But only if you work hard to leave that state of mind, Which Is an uphill battle. To me, its the only thing that really worked... its kind of strange to want to find the motivation to actually try and move forward...That's why it's nice to have a forum like this to get support... The fact you've decided to post about this so straight forwardly is something I really respect about you..
    Is there a tangible reason behind your deep depression? Or did it just kind of come out of the blue?
    What can we do to help?
    Take care man, don't give up! Life has a load of terrible, terrible things.... But there are also good things, and they are worth waiting for
  3. nightfallagain

    nightfallagain Well-Known Member

    you have to talk to a trusted therapist. It took me a long time to trust anyone and to this day I trust no one. I am a manager by day, but cannot manage by night. I contemplate suicide, but am so afraid of the methods that I have come up with that I end up calling the local hot line that I end up in the hospital. And I know in the morning that if I say I am Okay, they release me every time. I have depression and apparently, emotional detatchment and I apparently don't give a shit. I do, just not about myself, so at some point I will prove them wrong and commit when I am not under the influence of anything and proud to do myself in finally
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