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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by sadhart, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member

    All my life has been for the last three months is just maintaining. I mean, considering how the start of this year went ( really bad) that is okay, but mainitaining is not really good in the long run. I feel like I am so unsure about my life still. I mean I'm not constantly suicidal, but just feel like my life has nothing good to look forward. And then there is so many things I want to catch up on and that's overwhelming. I'm sorry if none of this makes sense, but I'm kind of on a time schedule....yet another problem I'm dealing with.
  2. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    Hi sadhart - if there is an upside to these problems it's that they can present as opportunities for you, if you can begin to view them that way. Time management seems to be high on the list here - it might be worth googling ways to manage your 24 hours each day and not to demand more of yourself than is humanly possible in one day. Prioritise what you know has to be done and then list the other things in order of importance - even if you only knock off one or two you will gain a sense of achievement. Also, adopting a "de-clutter" philosophy (less = more) can also help. Having nothing good to look forward to is a belief - and the thing about beliefs is that they can change and we become different people with a different outlook :) Blessings and strength, YRP
  3. BipolarOne

    BipolarOne Active Member

    It is not a good feeling to be in the place you are now. I am feeling similar. Know that you are not alone.

    I have battled with suicidal thoughts a lot. They can be very distressing. Just remember that thoughts will come and go, but you never have to act on the negative ones.

    It is a good idea to keep a success journal and/or a gratitude journal. Every night list at least three things for which you are grateful, and/or things that did go well during the day. Focusing on positive thoughts can keep a lot of negative thoughts at bay.

    We are on a rough road. Be gentle with yourself. And if you are not already in therapy, it would be a good idea to start seeing a therapist to help you through this tough time.
  4. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member

    First, welcome to the forum. I hope you are able to find a lot of support here as I have. Yeah, I journal everyday actually. I make an effort to make at least one positive journal entry each week which is not easy for me to do. I talk to a therapist, but after one session I don't think I'm going to get a lot out of it. I am sort of court ordered to go at the moment ( I think) and it's clear I'm nothing more than a case number to this guy. I guess I'll see what happens next.

    . This is kind of embarrasing, but I am currently in a recovery program for alcohol and it's hard opening up to a lot of the guys on the property because some of them, well, it's just hard to trust them. I try to make connections with people in the area. For example, there's this church in the area, and I kind of like it because there are so many different people there. I volunteered last week to serve lunch after church and I didn't mess up or anything, but the experience really worked my anxiety level I was so afraid that I would spill food on someone or something bad like that. I think I'll just help with clean up in the future.
  5. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I will make an effort to remind myself that it's okay to not overwhelm myself with too many things.
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