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Not sure if this is where i should be...

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Hi all, I a not sure on this chatting and posting, pretty much a rookie.Sorry "sweet Alchol posting, I replied and can't find my way back, I hope things are well:IrishDoll:


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Hi and welcome...glad you posted...when you are comfortable please tell us what is going on for you...I am sure many ppl can relate...welcome again


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welcome Seager, it is a learned thing to post and chat.. think you will find that you have a lot in common with othter members on here.. take your own time on here.. Jim


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Posting comes easy soon enough! I suggest getting on the chat first! It's the easiest way I found to truly be at home quickly. I love everyone on here now! There's no getting rid of me!

Welcome again and see you around!

Peter :)
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