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But it began Thursday, trying to find how sis-and bro-in-law gained access to my house (after my removal to ER) where they removed the knife I'd fantasized using, a very personal journal, and some other suicide implements. Th journal especially was a gold mine for the staff to catch me in inconsistencies and vague changes of priorities.I'm pretty sure it added a few dates to my stay.
But things were not all down, I called the Dept where the police were from, and talked to him about anything. See, in the ambulance he had offered to come by to check on em if the needed someone to talk to, so I thought I'd test him. All in all he seemed all right, and it would have have been pretty brutal for me to make him gun me down with me just having a BB gun.
Sleep the last few nights has been crap, but Friday, I determined to attend some Therapeutic Alternatives group meeting. And the officer probably didn't deserve the guilt over shooting down a despondent guy armed with a pellet

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