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I'm restricting again. I gained 15 pounds since last year, and I'm absolutely disgusted with myself.
I loved being 114. I NEED to get back down to that weight. I don't fit into my clothes, my boobs and butt are far too large, i'm just disgusting.
I'm not looking for sympathy or a response for anything, just wanted to tell someone.


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I used to be obsessed with the way I looked. I had a eating disorder for a long time, and I really should have taken better care of myself. 114 is so small! Men like a woman with curves not a stick figure. When you are a woman you are meant to be curvy; curvy is sexy, healthy, and soft. Men are meant to be hard, and leaner. That a way when you get together with a man you both can enjoy eachothers differences.
I was 120 my whole young adult life. The only thing I had on me that was curvy was my butt. After two kids I do not even have that anymore. I would focus on loving my body instead of judging it so harshly. You were made perfectly for you. The last thing you wanna do is look like everyone else. Where is the individuality in that? There is something special about us all that only we have; if you take that away by trying to look like everypne else you are robbing yourself of what makes you,you. Think about it.


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I've totally gained too much weight too. And the more I try to lose it the worst it gets. It's frustating. I want to be 115 again.
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