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    I've been seeing this boy for a couple of months now. This is only the second relationship I've ever been in. The first one was with a person I was really in love with, head over heels. So, here's the problem. I know I don't want to go back to that first person … I've gotten over her. But I know that I don't feel about this new boy the way I felt about the girl from before. I don't want to hurt his feelings cause I think he really loves me, but I don't want to lead him on if I don't have feelings for him.
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    the truth is.... love is never the same feeling.. meaning you can love one person one way, but the next person you love, it will feel different.. and it always does feel slightly different. some people it may take awhile to form a huge attachment to, not b/c you dislike them, it just takes awhile... other ppl you may form that attachement with straight away, still others you won't form any attachment with.

    all you can do is be honest about what you are feeling... then decide what to do ... but talk it out together, maybe you just need to take it real slow, or maybe its better you just remain friends.... but yea, don't leave him in the dark thinking he's one of those you developed feellings for straight away.