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Not sure what to say

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Been having really intense mood swings the past few days.

My grandmother's funeral was about 9 days ago, and her passing didn't even phase me.

What did phase me was how f***ing horrible my family is. My parents shoved religion down my throat, my sisters fought like cats, and my uncle acted like the most obnoxious jerk possible.

If anything, what the funeral did was crush the rest of the hope I had for ever having a family.

It's just the most recent disappointment in a long line of them, and I'm really, really tired of disappointment in this life.


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Funerals are huge events in our life that we don't get any training on. Its worse that its actually a social event where many people who are struggling and raw are all put together. Just add religion and alcohol. Not pretty.

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Sorry for you loss hun right now you may feel no emotion that is normal sometimes later on the emotions will come hun grief is different that way. Keep talking okay keep reaching out hugs
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