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    I just need these two weeks to pass by quickly. And then I'll be in my senior year. But I've been anxious, just holed up in my house. I tried to hang out with friends: failed. Trying to date someone: failed. Trying to get a job: failed and got molested. Hahaha, this has been one of the worst summers. I wish I had more exciting experiences to report to everyone when I return to my new school. Moving sucks. This is the second time I've had to readjust, and I evidently can't handle it very well.

    I know, realistically, logically, that I'll survive. This wasn't a big deal. But for now, I'm sitting in my house, unproductive, and restless without any friends. Fuck.
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    oh hun I am so sorry that happened to you. What is going on is that you are hitting bottom you are depressed and you need some help professionally to pull out of that depression
    I am glad you came here and let go of some of the darkness in writing but i do hope you can talk to a councilor at your school a doc someone ok
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    Thank you so much for your concern and reply! I'm actually in regular therapy sessions, and have an appointment tomorrow. She helps, but I have a hard time being totally honest about the extent of my distress.