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not sure where to go with this!


Jay Jay from the UK
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this has been on my mind now for a couple of weeks and I dont know where to go with this...

A number of years ago my Beloved Nan passed away, she was a wealthy women and she had 3 sons and two daughters, when she passed it was a upsetting time even more so when her will was read. My dad was the executor to the will. Everything seemed normal, until it split the family apart. and the following happened!

My dad and his younger brother from my nans estate was both able to buy a property with cash, completely gut out both properties and have them rebuilt, they then had enough capital to start a business between them. My Uncle turned his back and has never spoken to my dad since, one of my aunties also followed suit, however because me and my sister got nothing from the will, my auntie gave my sister my nans enagagment ring and i got a five pound coin!

I want to know why my dad and uncle was able to do what they did with what they got but the rest of the family walked away with nothing and one of my uncles and auntie will have nothing to do with my dad or his younger brother? My auntie recently got in touch with me on social media and we are emailing each other, BUT she is not the sort of person to sit on something, if she feels their is a wrong doing she is the sort of person to expose this I havent spoken to her in near on 16 years nor has the rest of the family, so why has she chosen to get in touch with me now?

Is she about to expose some wrong doings by my dad and uncle, i dont know all i know is that this dont sit right with me!!!

do i ask her about the will and why they have turned away from my dad and uncle??

where do i go with this, do i drop the grenade or wait for her to drop the grenande!

I want answers as this is not sitting right with me!

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