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Hey hey y'all. I am not sure how I ended up here. I was actually looking on-line for a forum to help me with methods and somehow got this forum and registered. After registering I realized it is not what I was looking for. I have set my expiration for June 6th. I really don't want to die, but can't find any logical reason not to. So how did I wind up here?


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welcome to sf *giant hug* most of us end up here that way. Please stay and get the support you need to not "expire" early ! we arent a quick fix or magic answer but we are love care and support for each other through the crap that is life ! i hope you stay and post here much love sarah xx


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Welcome to the forum, DLBach. As shadowgirl mentioned, a lot of us found this forum in the same way that you have - looking for methods to help end our lives and stumbling across this site instead.

Sometimes it helps to let it all out; to let us know why you're feeling this way and give us a chance to try and offer you some help and advice. I hope you do exactly this before you write this site off and go ahead with your plan.
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