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If anyone here remembers me, or even if any of the old people who were around are still here, but, I was going thru browser history on Firefox (Since i mostly use safari now and havent been on firefox in months) and I found this site again (Took me a while to even remember the email i used, let alone the Password)

so, i just figured i would stop in and see how everyone's life was, if anyone who remembers me is still here...

since ive been gone, ive done a lot of interesting (To say the least) Things with my life, but thats another time for another story.

who know's maybe one day soon i will even get chat access back.

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Hi hun i hope to hear from you soon how you are doing Nice to see you back here hun and i too hope in time you will get chat privileges back hugs


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Hello Justin, how could I forget you!

Hope you are well.

Would be nice to catch up at some time.

Take care.
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