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not the same

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my friends always knew me as a hard ass or cold, mainly because i havent cried for 3 years. i never wanted to, everytime i felt like it i would shut my eyes as tight as i could, always worked. but 3 months ago at a party i was sitting there drinking, my brother knew somthing was up so he ask me to come around the coner and he ask ''whats bothering you?''. i sat there in silence, i coulnt hold it in this time. i cried for the first time in 3 years. in the comfort of my brother i herd my friends go quiet, they knew, they witness my breakdown. i never wanted to let anyone know i was on a sinking ship. now when my friends look at me i feel like their thinking about it. i hate that it happend, ill never show any emotion again.


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well, it just goes to show you're human, none of us are perfect, we all have breakdowns every now and again. don't let this experience discourage you from getting help.
Hi Kyle, Crying is ok. Like inmomoryofyou states it shows you’re human. All those times I've cried and no one’s been there for me. You have someone who cares for you and that’s great.

Crying doesn’t show weakness, it shows you have limits and show your frustration.

Hang in there and you can always talk on here for advice.
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