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not understanding....

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i eat and i eat and i eat. i exercize way too much. but lately, i cant eat. the sight of people eating and food is revolting. when poeple force me to eat, i throw up. what wrong with me?

i analyze my weight all the time. i came to the conclusion a moth ago, at 120 lbs 5'6", that i needed to put on weight. i did. im now 133 lbs and i weigh more than my boyfriend type person. is that even normal? hes taller than i am... people always tell me that its because im all muscle. im thin yes, but im all muscle. they say thats why i weigh so much and that its a good thing and they wish they had my muscle. good for them. they can have it. i want my skinny back!! i used to be under 100 lbs before i joined crew. i thought it would make me skinnier, all of the working out. rawr. and i cant quit now, i love it too much, but its making me feel fat!! what do i do?

whats wrong with me?
Keep the weight you got now, 130 something. That's normal. I myself have a problem, but the thing is is that I care less about weight anymore. Just last year I weighed almost 200 lbs, and I'm 5'8". That's a lil overweight there. Now I weigh about 130lbs. To be honest, I really don't eat that much, and when I do it isn't that much. But it's not because I want to be skinny or fat or whatever. I don't eat that much because I need room for when I drink. I guess I would have a problem with drinking if thats the case huh. oh well.
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