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Not Ur Slave(language)

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I am not your slave. I wasn't put here to do as you fuckin' please. There are 6 other people in this fuckin' house and you want to come at me because laundry isn't done, well fuck that because I do my OWN laundry at my OWN time. I'm not some fuckin bitch that will take your shit lying down anymore. I'm sick of being treated like I'm second rate b/c I'm the only girl in this house, I'm not your slave, I'm not your slave, IM NOT YOUR FUCKIN' SLAVE!!!!!

You want Dylan to take a bath, you give it to him. Did I shoot him out of my vagina? Did I lay on my back and create him?!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. SO, with that said why don't you get up his father's lazy ass and light a firecracker..get up his ass and tell him to take responsibility for him. His mother left him already, you'd figure his father would stand up and be man, but no, he's a fuckin coward. So, why not get up his ass and yell at him to do some laundry, r give Dylan a bath, OR EVEN FUCKIN FEED HIM FOR FUCKS SAKE.



Sa Palomera

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sending you many hugs, Kells :hug: :hug:

I'm off to work in a bit, but you can always email me if you want to rant or talk or whatever :arms:

:hug: :hug:


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That's the best rant I've heard in ages! You're right, don't be a slave to them. Hope you calm down soon though. Be good.:smile:

How fuckin dare you knowing full well that I'm with someone, come at me and fuckin' say you want to meet and fuck em in real life. You don't know me, you don't know my fuckin past, hell you know abslutely nothing about me and you want to deduce that Im some fuckin whore who will just fuckin spread her legs. FUCK YOU!! No, ROT, I'm so fuckin pissed. I HATE YOU for making me feel like I'm nothing. I HATE you for making me feel like a whore. WAS THIS YOUR GOAL?! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I HOPE YOU FUCKIN FEEL LIKE SHIT NOW FOR REDUCING ME TO TEARS. FUCK YOU!!!1

I slept, I've thought about it and I'm still pissed, I'm furious. People think you are so sweet, that you are a nice guy well you are an ASSHOLE. You have managed to make me feel like I've always felt, like a worthless whore who's only good for spreading her legs. You don't even realize what you've said, you don't realize how much it's fucked me up, and how much I cried last night because of it. You are not worth my tears, you are not worth these old thoughts in my head, yet you've managed to resurface them all in one fuckin' sentance...yeah, you know who you are and an I'm sorry won't work b/c "like i dont fuckin know how it is" There I took a quote right from what you said to me. SO what is my worth? What am I? HUH?!!! I'm a whore to you, a slut to you, a fuckin piece of garbage only worthy of one thing, to be tossed around and pushed aside. Yeah thanks, you know who you are and when you come on here and read this I hope you feel like shit.

PS everyone shocked now...yeah you should be


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Who the hell said that to you Kells!!! :ohmy: :mad:
His sorry arse is going on the hit list, that list is getting bigger:dry:

And dont u dare let some sorry arse piece of nothing make u feel less than u are!!


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Quote: Terry: His sorry arse is going on the hit list, that list is getting bigger

Never heard of a 'hitlist' in the forum guidelines. Am I on it?
Fecking hell, she don't live on the fecking computer! jesus. I'm sure if she feels she wants to answer that she will when shes at the computer. People do have lives outside SF ya know? im not sure if your aware of this.

Why take it so seriously?

People don't deserve shit, its a fucking joke. Ya know, things that shouldn't be taken too seriously? comprende?


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I wasn't addressing you vikki. But the little clique gang up and attack others who 'step out of line'. How cosy...... and pathetic.
Im not ganging up on you. I had a problem with what you said so I stated my opinion on it. If you gave her a chance to respond to your post then thats fine. Take a chill pill. The 'hit list' is a JOKE. Why you being self obsessed and saying am i on it or people deserve to know! no they fucking don't. Terry is protective over many people here including Kelly. When jumped up twats say shit to her like that then you wonder why Terry says things like that.

Be patient, if she choices to answer your 'question' then she will when she is AT the computer. All though im pretty sure if you want on this so called 'hit list' your going the right way about it mate.


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Mike, I think a lot of the problem here is that you have a tendency to hijack threads that aren't yours. You also get particularly annoyed when someone other than the person you addressed a comment to, replies to it. This is a public forum. Anyone can reply to a comment you make. If you really have a problem with that, then try PMing people instead of posting.
Im glad my rant can turn into an all out war..not to sound like a total bitch or a total prick, wait, fuck that..i am a bitch. This thread wasn't about a hitlist or about some fight that needed to be started. The clique thing Mike is people who are FRIENDS lookin out for each other...I'm sorry you find that pathetic but both Viks and Terry are my friend and your response was out of line. I find it annoying when people have to jump down others throats for making a comment...FREE SPEECH. Viks was lookin out for osmeone who cares about her and i cant blame her

And as for the hitlist Terry..lets rock it out!!


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The reason I probed further on the 'hitlist' issue was because I didn't see the humour. There were no smiley emoticons next to the statement. In hindsight, I think the 'dry' emoticon was the true intention. Dry wit - humorous or sarcastic in a shrewd, impersonal way. Fare enough, my mistake.

My next comment about 'cat got your tongue' was meant to be a reference to Terry's avatar - with no insult intended. I posted the second time because I thought Terry was online. I expected Terry to make a joke of it.

Quote: vikki: People do have lives outside SF ya know? im not sure if your aware of this.
Why take it so seriously?
People don't deserve shit, its a fucking joke. Ya know, things that shouldn't be taken too seriously? comprende?

I am aware people have 'lives' outside SF. The tacit implication of that statement is that I should get a life. And you're right - I don't have much of a life - that's why I'm on a suicide forum. You don't have to make your point by writing statements like 'comprende' to suggest I'm stupid. Or insult me by likening me to a 'jumped up twat'. Or sarcastically addressing me as 'mate'. I find such statements disturbing, and potentially triggering. I've never seen you post stuff like that before, so either I annoyed you, or you're having a bad day, or both. I would ask you to refrain from aiming derogatory terms at other people on SF in the future because you don't know how it can affect a sensitive person.

To -Nobody-: Hijack threads? I see your point. WLB79 wrote a post, and my entry changed the entire direction of the thread, which is unfare. I won't do that again, and I apologise to WLB79.

To WLB79: I don't think friends supporting eachother is pathetic. Not at all. I find cliques pathetic because they remind me of secondary school. Sometimes it's a fine line.

I regret this blow up. It didn't serve to help anyone. I shall steer clear of your threads in the future. I just want to put the matter to bed. All the best.
In fact the jumped up twat wasn't aimed at you, it was aimed at the person who said something very triggering to Kelly.

I find such statements disturbing
hahahaha ok, whatever.

I've never seen you post stuff like that before, so either I annoyed you, or you're having a bad day, or both
Well you'd be right there. Yes i did have a bad day then.

:hug: Terry :hug:
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