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    Dear Lu

    For the love of all things holy, stop being so damned ludicrous. Worse things have happened and you didn’t fall apart, you didn’t give up, you didn’t stop being who you are, so what the hell are you playing at now? Yeah alright, it sucks. It’s horrible and its miserable and it’s scary. Terrifying? Alright fine. Terrifying. So?

    The things that are broken YOU BROKE. You made this mess and frankly your options are to live in it or clean it up. You hate the current situation so much? Do something about it. And yes of course it’s hard. You MADE it hard. But is it going to get any better because you are crying about it? Does crawling into a hole and feeling sorry for yourself help? Are you ACTUALLY doing anything at all to improve the situation or are you just reacting to every new crisis that comes along with tears and tantrums and waiting for someone else to fix it for you?

    Bad news, Lu. There is no Prince Charming. There are no white knights. Nobody is going to some and save you, so what are your options? You can continue to be this worthless pathetic wreck of a person, or you can use the brains you were born with, get off your sorry behind and stop accepting that this bloody dreadful state of affairs is your life forevermore. It only is if you let it be. And at the moment you are letting it be.

    It isn’t that you can’t, it’s that you don’t want to. You know it is going to get worse before it gets better and it scares you. Get over it. I mean REALLY get over it. The sooner you accept the reality of the situation, the sooner you can start to sort it out. And no, leaning on other people and expecting that someone else can help you sort this out is not an option. People have enough of their own issues without your irritating endless whining. Pack it in. Stop wasting people’s valuable time with your wretched dismal bleating and man the fuck up.

    I do not want to endure any more of your self-absorbed, self-pitying snivelling and nor does anyone else. Sort yourself out.

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    :hug: Lu.