nothing but sadness inside

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  1. forever_scarred

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    ive been looking at old pics today and came across a prom pic...seeing how happy i was in that picture and remembering wat it was like i wish so much i could be that person again...what happened to me....why did i turn into this...all i feel when i look at this picture is sadness for a beautiful spirit lost....those days are gone and i cant get them back..i just keep wondering "what happened to me?"
    Tell me why dreams have to die :cry:
  2. Bambi

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    Wondering the same thing myself..sorry I wish I had the answer for you. :arms: Bambi
  3. Chargette

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    You may want to celebrate the person in the picture rather than lament with sadness. You had it once, you can have a good life again, even if it is not as robust as before.

    Who can say what brings a person down. I was destroyed by circumstances in my life because I stayed and took care of my child.

    I am now years passed that and I have a quieter life now and most days are okay. I do suffer from depression but I try to work a program for living with depression so I can have something of a good life again.
  4. total eclipse

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    Depression is what happened it is a hard one to keep under control Try just doing anything that use to bring you happiness Just try running skating skiing anything you remember brought you happiness and go out and do it okay take care.