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nothing changed

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I was 17 (im 19 now) and i swolled roughly 50 tablets. I was in hospital for about a week. Nothing changed after that week. My family didnt have a clue why the hell i did it. We're close but i think it weirded them out alot. No ones ever said a thing about it, it never happened. I lied and said i wouldnt want to do it again, saying it was a cry for help. I never went to the counselling appointment i was suppose to, i hate the idea of it and i didnt deserve it
that means i havent replaced any of those thoughts or got rid of any of them
i still feel the same way as i did when i swolled those tablets


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Hey there Mol clearly you weren't and aren't obviously feeling in such a great way to put it mildly,and you must see someone right away.You need help and shouldn't be afraid or feel embarassed that you're seeking it,you're in alot of pain I can sense and know.I'm here for you anytime hun and I mean it,but I really would like you to get something done about the pain you're in you don't deserve and shouldn't be in this way.
somtimes we dont tell our loved ones the way we feel because we think we are protecting them from unnessasary hurt,, the truth is that they hurt more thinking we couldnt share the way we felt with them.
dont suffer in silence,,, alone.
The greatest and hardest step is the reaching for help,,, its worth it in the end though.
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