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Nothing ever happened

Its been a day, and I am emotionally worn out. Today was my anniversary and I got a cursory hey its our anniversary in the AM and then nothing. Not a hug, kiss or even a go F8%$ yourself. Guess that's fitting, makes me feel worthless. Other folks are happy and plan a day together or time with each other, but that doesn't happen for me. It's times like these that not being here creeps in and says hey no more tears, no more pain, nothing....Just nothing. I am so tired of being alone, so tired of everything. I don't think I would be missed, everyone would just move on with there life. I'm hurt, tired, lonely, and unable to change anything. I've never been powerless, but now more than ever its how I feel that way....Need a way out.
I'm sorry you're feeling bad @Vance. Do you think it would help if you could reached out to your partner and expressed how you are feeling? Or could you potentially explore the option of couple's therapy as may71 said above? I hope you can feel better soon. Sending hugs *hug10*sadhug.


We are all one
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Power is the desire to control and it’s a blow to realise how little we can control. You want something to change. You are a force in the universe. There are things you can change.

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