Nothing is Perfect

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    Someone I know has been annoying me lately. Hes such a smartass and it takes him 2 paragraphs to say what could be said in one sentence! I'm always saying he tries to hard to be Shakespeare and Einstein combined into one. He says I'm just a 'jealous and uneducated bratty teenager'. Perhaps the bratty part is true, but the jealous and uneducated part isn't. His girlfriend has turned him into someone that nobody but her can like. God I hate her. I'm close to removing him as a friend on sites so I don't have to see his long ass Shakespeare/Einstein status' and arguments anymore. Thats not all thats bothering me though. Whats also bothering me is my mother taking her pain out on everyone else. She is a train wreck at the moment, I wont lie, but still. My friends don't understand the things she says though and how bad they hurt me. They always tell me I'm lucky and don't have any real problems. Yeah I am lucky to have my family, but my life isn't 'problems free' at all. I just don't like to share every single thing that goes on in my family. I rather just fake a smile and keep this 'problem free' reputation my life apparently has. Plus my mother is good at putting on a 'problem free' and 'kindness' show towards guests when they come over. I guess thats a good thing, but it gives them a thought that I'm just a bitchy teenager. Perhaps I am. My mother is always comparing me to my friends and other people. I don't even like to have anybody over most times because my mother starts comparing me to them. Oh but once they walk out our door, my mother starts to criticize them and all of a sudden praise me. I don't tell people the negative things my mother says about them though. For example, a friend of mine (wont give name), he loves her to death and she always talks to him like she loves him to. However the moment hes not around, shes like "hes a goth fagget who looks like a girl". Then I'm left to argue with her about what she says and that pisses me off. Yet again though, I'm just a 'bratty teenager'. I'll laugh my ass off when I'm 20 and I end up still acting and feeling the same way as I do now. I guess what mainly bothers me is my friends think my life is 'perfect' but its not. I rather not go into much detail about my family. I'm not an open book like they are about my family.
    Hmmm I've noticed I mention the fact I'm a teenager a lot in this.. well I'll mention it one more time.


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    Your mother sounds like she needs some reconstructive surgery done on her personality.
    And your friend,you should remind him that most jet streams are less long winded than him.

    My advice to you,get a few well chosen,bitchy( but ultimately tough love giving ) put downs under your belt,and set about letting them know that you really care. :)

    An eye for an eye my young bratty friend. ;)
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    haha okay :laugh:
    A lot of people are like my mother though.
    -cough-MostMyFamily-cough- XD