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nothing left

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You do have something left hun. I know you don't feel that way at all. I am sorry about everything that has happened and seems to continue to happen. You have friends here who are willing to go the distance with you. Take our hands and let us help. You are so worth the time. Please stay safe. :hug:


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You can stop yourself - with help and love from your friends, us.:smile: Take our hands and hold on tight. We'll keep you as safe as we can.:smile:



cupcake kid

seriously. i reached the point. i honestly dont know who are what will be able to stop me. if they dont even care. the ones that are supposed to care unconditionally. then why would anyone else care even the slightest bit.

cupcake kid

ok. thats it. received an email off them earlier. its over. they want to hurt me. fine. but im not gonna let them.
"I was hurt, so now I'll hurt you too" as someone sings.

im sorry.


cupcake kid

hun i doubt very much that they want to hurt you on purpose.
ya sure. the email really shows they care. youve seen it yourself. it REALLY shows how much they care. well fine. this is how much i care.

Bye. take care. sorry.
Oh fuck. I know who this is now. Should of picked up on it from that post. Yeah that email was out of order and it must of hurt like hell. I can't answer why they would want to hurt someone like that. I really wish they could see what their doing. You don't have to do this. You know what i was told earlier 'please don't do it Vikki' well the same goes for you.
I dont know why there doing this. Its doing so much damage, so much harm, but Est, you can get through this. There has to be a way to turn this situation around. Stay strong ok. Please stay strong.
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