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  1. I'm still alive--simply because I am too afraid of physical pain to try anything. None of the painless methods I've tried have worked, either because the method failed or because I chickened out.

    But here's the thing--life's pain is quickly outweighing my fear of temporary physical pain. I can barely stand living through each day. It just seems like the closer I come to suicide, the less I can handle even the smallest pressures in life.

    I can no longer see the future. I still go through the motions, getting dressed, going to work, making a budget, and even starting a 401K, but those are all just a backup plan at this point.

    I just don't have anything left.
  2. katrina77

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    Sorry You're feeling so low. It sounds like you are feeling completely overwhelmed right now. But that doesn't mean it always has to be that way.

    Maybe rather then ending it, your mind just needs some temporary rest from the pain. Are you seeing a therapist? Maybe some meds, or counseling for the time being would help?

    Just do your best to go day by day right now, and find help to feel better. I sure pray that you find some comfort. hugs.
  3. On meds & seeing a therapist...nothing is working & I just don't care anymore.
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    you have a back up plan. this is my first time here. I believe I would describe my own situation in the same fashion
    I can feel it coming and I have no answers
  5. Been trying all day to end it. Unfortunately, the human body has a nagging tendency to fight when it feels its life slipping away. Then I slept for three hours because I was freakin physically and emotionally exhausted. Now I'm (obviously) awake again. I know that dying is a horrid experience, but I would still rather face that for a couple of minutes than have to deal with another day of this miserable existence. I truly believe I am incompatable with life. I am encouraged by the fact that if I keep trying, eventually it will work.
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