nothing matters anymore.

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  1. i see you sitting there
    in your chair
    without a clue
    of the truth
    we're friends
    you don't know
    you can't even see
    you look right through me
    only seeing
    what you want to see
    never seeing
    what is real.
    it's a shame, isn't it?
    that i am not real
    that this is not me
    that you will never know
    that everything is wrong
    and yet
    i don't have a clue what's wrong
    it's all so messy
    and i don't know how to sort
    through the junk
    that consumes my life
    does it really matter
    what i do?
    will it make a difference
    if i try
    so hard
    till i can't breathe
    will it make a difference?
    will you ever notice?
    do you even know
    what i am speaking of?
    do i even know...?
    that's the question, isn't it.
    perhaps this is all bullshit
    but it's not
    i am confused
    but it doesn't even matter
    because everyone's lost
    but i am backwards
    and inside out
    and what if i am
    what will i do then?
    can i live like this?
    this way
    every single day
    with everything
    so twisted
    up inside
    and i can't tell you
    cuz you wouldn't believe me
    cuz this makes no sense
    cuz things should be right
    and the confusion should fade away
    but this is not what happens
    and you don't know
    and i don't know
    and none of this matters
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    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    THis is painful to read, but I really really like it.:smile: Beautifully expressed!

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