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  1. lozzie

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    I reached out for help and now I have a mental health team looking after me. Id much rather be dead to be honest these feelings are not going away and I'm sorry but I'm really upset and I can't see my friends so what's the point. Asking for help was the worst thig ever- now I feel like an old person in a nursing home. Thanks :(
  2. Speedy

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    Dear lozzie,

    I am truly sorry you feel like you have given up hope.. While it may seem like the team is dragging you down by over-monitoring you or taking away your freedom, they are only there to protect you and be there for you until you are feeling safe.. I know intrusive thoughts are piling up on you, but I hope you can trust the professionals to have your best interests at heart.. Take care, and keep us in the loop about how you are doing.. I'll be thinking of you, and having been admitted to psych hospitals a few times this year, I feel for you and know what it's like.. :hug:

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    You did the right thing to have reached out for help...especially since they are watching you so closely...I am sure that with time and progress, you will be given more freedom...until then, we are here, and want to know how you are doing
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    It just hurts alot :( all the time and when they leave all I think about is killing myself to end this madness :( I hate me

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    I appreciate the encouragement
  5. lozzie

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    im thinking about leaving this horride planet