Nothing matters

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    It's like nothing even matters anymore,i try over and over again. Why is it the one thing that makes me happy is also the one thing that triggers me. I want to get better but then it keeps getting in the way, and i could just not do that thing, but i want to.

    I havent cut in 2 weeks, and i so want to, but i know that i will regret it and i'm trying not to do that.

    I wish there was a way wher eeverything could be fine. But its not, never is.

    I really care about him, and it feels like it will never be enough. And i'm sorry.

    All the best

  2. im new here - this is my second post- so i dont know your background so to speak: who is the "he" you care about? Why do you feel you have to cut? (il be online for a while in you want to reply)
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    I care about my boyfriend.

    This post was made in a moment when i was pretty low. I am fine now.

    Pm me if you need to talk.
  4. Hey Kylie.Angel, im new here my name is Chelsea, this is my first post in fact! what u have just said, describes exactly how i feel in a way...its complicated but i feel i do know in a way! i feel that it is really frustratin, u may not agree but thats one thing that winds me up so much..:sad:

    but im glad to hear that ur ok now! x
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    Thankyou so much, i am here if you wanna talk sometime. Just a pm away.
  6. im pleased you feel better kylie
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    Yeah, i am too.

  8. :hug: Kylie

    You have a wonderful boyfriend who does care about you alot, Kylie. He is trying for you and he will be supportive of you, I'm sure. As a friend to both of you, I will try to be supportive of you both as long as I'm around. Take care.