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Nothing means anything anymore.

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I used to enjoy doing a lot of different activities. Now I enjoy nothing. I don't get excited about anything. Anything I do just seems to turn into crap. Anything I say is wrong. Been like this for years. Im not allowed to see my kids and it doesn't even bother me. Is that normal?

First time I tried to kill myself was 12 years ago. Been on many medications since then. I never noticed a difference but anyone else told me I was better. I never felt better. Last time I tried was a couple weeks ago. I wish she would have left me in the garage. Im just so tired, of everything. All I ever hear is that suicide is completely selfish on my part. Why? Isn't it more selfish of everyone else to keep me doing something that I don't want to?

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Hi sounds like you need to get to your doctor and ask your meds be changed you are still very depressed and there are new meds out there that may help.
Don't stay in the darkness ask your doc to change things up a bit Your family want you here so please do what it takes to get you feeling stronger hugs
Nobody wants me around. I'm staying in a friends basement for crying out loud. Wife doesn't want me around. Only reason she called the cops was in hopes that id still be paying child support. But trying to keep a job and spending 8 days in the hospital/jail don't mix well.

I don’t even feel like I'm living, but more like longing through life.

Tired of different types of medication that make me feel no better.
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