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Hey, Does anyone not really have a noticable problem that would really make them severely depressed. I have a wonderful family and life, but i can't see it. I am so fricking depressed it's unbelievable. I have bee like this for 5 years now and i can't just get over it. I tend to hide all my feelings, but i will have outburts where i blame other people, so it looks like i am just an asshole. so noone really thinks have a problem. I am also looked at as the person who is always happy. I feel like i have been putting a fake face for so many years now. I feel like i can't just let it out that i am horribly depressed, because it would be a drastic change of what people think of me. I feel like this is it and my life is over. sucks
:sad: yeah, I can relate. :hug:
Don't know what to say. It's crappy, I know.
I know I didn't help. Sorry.
I feel like i dont have a real reson for beig like this, but people keep sayign its because of all the shit iv had at home for the past few years, but its either i dont think its because of that or i just have't accepted it, either way inside i dont feel i have a practical reason for feeling so low so i can relate to you with that. But you've gotta remember depression is a illness just like anything else, you DO NOT need to have a reason to feel depressed, depression is all about chemical imbalancesin the brain sometimes it is caused by the a specific reason and sometimes its not, so do not feel that you need a reason to feel like this.

take care

vikki x


Thanks for your responses. I just believe that if you can get your mind right, by ways of looking deep down inside yourself then you can come out of a depression. It's staying away from the depression and not letting it come back which is the hardest part. You have to say F- it to what society and the culture tells you to be. I believe that if you can truly find your inner self and find your true meaning then you will be find. It's not that simple huh? ha


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maybe you could try a support group. if you don't feel comfortable telling the people who are close to you, at least you could feel less isolated and get empathy from some good people who are suffering through the same disease.

depression affects so much of your life; i kind of doubt that nobody around you sees its manifestations. unless you're really talented at keeping it under wraps, which isn't healthy because you're not facing the causes head on. also i'd recommend a light dose of antidepressant meds if you've been dealing with this for that long. my depression is like a sick alter-ego trapped under my skin and it really helps when i talk to one of my friends about it; they'll let me be negative and depressing and when my depression turns to anger that it's unfair to be cursed with the disease, and i can show my anger to them, i empower myself and eventually pull out of it a little bit. please seek help, nobody should have to go through this alone! hugs and best of luck to you.


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I think I relate as well.
My parents have no idea I had depressions, no one knows actually.
They didnt even notice some cuts on my arm (thank God!!)
I keep alll my feelings inside and sometimes I have outbursts of anger because of small things and after that I feel bad for myself.
I dont want to be like this but I cant help it.

I think you should do as VALIS said seek for a support group, I guess it would help to have people who understand you.
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